We understand why we need to act, and know that we need to act now, but how? What can we do to break stereotypes and increase social inclusion? Think about what it really means to be European. Being European is not about being born in Europe, or having European heritage. Being European is about experiencing … Continue reading How?

Time to Act

Every morning we wake up hoping for a brighter shiner day, but once you open your eyes on the world you never find the sun. Its rays are blocked by an enormous wall that we built ourselves. Walls of stereotypes and lies. It is much easier if we just go back to sleep, we go … Continue reading Time to Act


Why? In the UK, Sweden, and across much of Europe, there has been a concerning increase in social exclusion. People are being shut out of society for their political views, sexual orientation, age, race, gender, and numerous other factors. Almost in tandem with this has been the rise in populist movements, which has had numerous … Continue reading Why?