Mini-exhibition in Stockholm

Exhibition in collaboration with IM Sweden in Stockholm On Monday 18 June, Crossed Paths of Europe held its first exhibition at IM Sweden in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition was  part of IM’s summer festival which was open for the staff, volunteers and members of IM Sweden, an organisation which works on shedding a light on … Continue reading Mini-exhibition in Stockholm

Europe is my home too

By Ajorda Being a European does not mean being part of the same continent. You can feel European even if you live on the Asian or Australian continent. Being European means to be united not only on days of festivity, but also the days where the lives of individuals are threatened. We support each other … Continue reading Europe is my home too


By Deyone Milana Guiseppi With Migration on the rise, the world is changing. People migrate for many different reasons, one of which is seeking asylum. The need for asylum has been an increasingly common cause for migration in recent times. I happen to be one of those people who did seek asylum in Europe. I … Continue reading Home

Workshop Report: What does it mean to be European?

On Friday the 4th of May, Crossed Paths of Europe had its first workshop at The Welcoming in Edinburgh! The Welcoming is an organisation which helps and supports migrants and refugees from around the world to settle into Edinburgh. They do this through running a variety of activities, discussions, and classes, and through providing opportunities … Continue reading Workshop Report: What does it mean to be European?