Every morning we wake up hoping for a brighter shiner day, but once you open your eyes on the world you never find the sun. Its rays are blocked by an enormous wall that we built ourselves. Walls of stereotypes and lies.

It is much easier if we just go back to sleep, we go back to ignoring the problems. We block our ears and close our eyes not wanting to admit that we live in a society where we call those who don´t look like us, live like us or sound like us for ´´the others´´. We create the illusion of us, and, them; two completely different things, parallel lines, that can never meet.

It is time to wake up, it’s time to step up and face the challenges of today for a better tomorrow. I am not saying that it is easy; it is even harder than we think. Abraham Lincoln once said: “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

So here we are, holding a hammer in our hands, beating the wall and allowing the rays to creep in. Because once they do, people will see, and they will hammer along with us. The world is waiting for us, the generation of tomorrow because we can, by cooperating and raising awareness, break down all the walls.

Once we do that then people will realise that the lines that they thought would never meet are actually lines that cross each other. As we look closer at our lives and values we will find that we are much more similar than we thought.

Our project is the hammer we are using in order to highlight the many crossed paths of Europe!



Post by: Kawthar

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