In the UK, Sweden, and across much of Europe, there has been a concerning increase in social exclusion. People are being shut out of society for their political views, sexual orientation, age, race, gender, and numerous other factors. Almost in tandem with this has been the rise in populist movements, which has had numerous knock-on social impacts – be it the rise in racially-motivated hate crimes in the UK following the Brexit vote, or protests regarding immigration laws during the European refugee crisis.

These two phenomena combined have led to the fracturing of society. People are being negatively stereotyped – particularly refugee communities – and as a result excluded from the ‘European’ discourse and identity. As a result, such stereotyped communities are being excluded from many reaches of society.

People are being excluded from European societies because they do not meet the stereotypical idea of a ‘European’.

The reality of the European identity is that it is vastly inclusive, progressive, and in no way a stereotype. However, in recent times this identity has been forgotten, buried beneath political and social unrest, and caused even further social exclusion.

This is why there is a growing need for a positive social change.

This is why Crossed Paths of Europe exists.

This is why.



Posted by: Emma

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